Core services


With deep appreciation for the wisdom of trade-craft folks, one thing we’ve learned…….even with a lot of experience, one can easily miss an opportunity.

We’ll assess the competitive landscape to identify gaps that present opportunities in terms of performance, aesthetics, ergonomics, and value. 


With decades of product design experience across a broad range of markets and technologies, FormWorks has the creative and intuitive experience to deliver an aesthetically appealing, timeless, ergonomic, and market appropriate product solution.


Our team provides a range of product engineering services. We’ll apply our knowledge of manufacturing, physics, and materials science to engineer products that work reliably for the intended environment. We’ll also ensure that parts and assemblies can be manufactured in a cost-effective manner.


A key component of product development is proof of concept.

As the concepts emerge and are refined, they will reflect the realities of the market.

Producing prototypes for evaluation will confirm the most viable and cost-effective processes and materials for production.


Let us leverage our long-standing relationships with dependable and leading-edge resources for tooling, production, and delivery. Meeting your requirements for quality, responsiveness, and price.