sourcing & production services

Let us leverage our long-standing relationships with some of the best sources in the world. We have relationships with proven U.S. and international sources to meet your requirements for quality, responsiveness, and price.

manufacturing sourcing

Whether you’re looking for a domestic manufacturer or an international source we can recommend and act as an agent for producers we can personally vouch for based on our own experience. We have relationships with precision machine manufacturers, injection molders, sheet metal fabricators and a variety of other production technologies. Whether you’re looking for a recommendation or a turnkey source FormWorks can deliver the goods.

tooling sourcing

A finished part is only as good as the tooling it’s made with. We have sources across the globe for tooling that is reliable, well engineered, and built for the demands of the job. Quality tooling is an investment that pays for itself in quality product, reliable production, and amortized lifetime per-part cost.

materials sourcing

Navigating the vast options for materials can be a daunting task. We’ll help you to determine the best materials for specific applications and then identify the best source for those materials. We know which sources can be trusted to deliver quality raw materials that perform as claimed and that have a track record for reliable delivery.


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