product development services

A key component of product development is proof of concept. We’ll work with you to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective manufacturing processes and then develop prototypes to validate assumptions prior to investing in costly tooling and production.

3D-printing services

3D printing has revolutionized the product development and prototyping process. Technologies are quickly advancing that allow for rapid prototyping of parts that are appropriate for ergonomic, functional and, to some extent, durability testing. The materials that can be 3D printed continues to grow: metals, plastics, recycled and food-safe offerings - its hard to keep up with it. We’ll recommend the best 3D-printing process, source, and materials to create prototypes that will help you capture relevant feedback from testers and potential customers..

machining services

In many cases the only way to produce a prototype tough enough for real-word testing is precision machining. We’ll identify the best source to produce your prototype parts and work with them throughout the process to deliver production-quality parts.

electronic and software development services

We have worked with skilled and reliable electronics and software engineers with the experience required to design integrated systems of wiring, circuit boards, processors, sensors and controls for applications ranging from children's toys to medical devices and robotics.


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